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Financial Leads Academy Partner & Chief Marketing Officer

  • 25 Years of Financial Services Industry Experience

  • Ran a firm that managed over a billion in assets and over 50,000 clients

  • Former CEO of MassMutual-Northern New England. Under his leadership, they ranked among the top firms in the country, with over 600 agents and brokers

  • In 2017, McMahon was the recipient of a life-saving liver transplant. He is the author of four books, he's also an inspirational speaker and business strategist.

  • Expert at client acquisition and lead generation for the financial services industry

👆How We Helped Bill Sign High Net Worth Clients👆


👆How We Helped Dan 4X His Business

*Financial Leads Academy has achieved positive results for its clients, but the revenue figures and successes of our top clients are not typical. Because past performance is not a predictor of future success, you may have more or less success depending on many factors, including your background, experience, work ethic, client base, and market forces.

Done-For-You Advertising

Learn how our financial advisors leverage the latest digital marketing strategies to get more quality consultations every month while they focus on other aspects of their business.

What We Do

A proven and tested 5-Step lead generation system that connects you with qualified new clients utilizing advanced digital marketing strategies. We work with some of the top private wealth firms in the country (according to Forbes) along with reps at just about every major financial firm.

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Digital Campaigns

Leverage the latest technology to book qualified appointments to your calendar on autopilot


Learn how our advisors are getting their message in front of their ideal prospects every day

Your Outreach

In the financial services industry, it's a numbers game. Learn to automate thousands of custom messages to YOUR ideal prospects every month.

Qualified Leads

Book qualified consultations using our latest technologies.