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Are you using Facebook the right way?...I wasn't!

Facebook is an extremely powerful way to get new business by showing up on the feed! With over 2.1 billion active users on the platform, your ideal clients are bound to be scrolling on why shouldn't they see you?

With such a huge audience... It's a numbers game...

Let's face it.. We have all been there... at lunch, after a long day, maybe before you're about to go to bed... You pull out your phone and you start scrolling away on your facebook feed. You start seeing a mix of the following things;

-Another friend getting married..

-Wow cute puppy video!

-That one "friend" complaining about something again..

And then boom....

An advertisement for something you were just talking about with a friend..

Facebook's algorithm and reach is an extremely powerful tool.

The vast amount of data available on Facebook is's just a short list:

  • Name, Phone Numbers, Emails

  • Interests of people, including what the like, where they work, where they've checked in, places they travel

"This data is a powerful tool for not only Facebook but, it can be for YOU too."

Creating a business page on Facebook is the first step to growing your audience and increasing engagement. Doing this is simple, and can be done in the matter of minutes. Include some quick photos, a bio about the products or services you provide, write a quick post offering some value to your new page visitors. Another quick tip, invite all of your friends to like the page. This is a FREE and easy, and the increased engagement can really give your page a boost... Just think... Im sure you have a ton of friends, coworkers, or even customers on Facebook. I'm positive at least half would love to show support to your page and give you a like. Even better, these friends giving your page a visit may remind them they know someone who could really use what your business provides and share your page with them.

Something so simple can produce extraordinary results.

We at Financial Leads Academy use Facebook as one of our various outlets and generate hundreds of new leads monthly. Just think for a moment how spending a little time and effort on this platform could cause a huge ROI.

I highly encourage you to explore the benefits of Facebook for your business. Go to some of your favorite companies pages, a friends company page, or maybe that favorite restaurant of yours and explore. Grab some inspiration, see their posts, look how people are engaging on the page. Do they have call's to action? Sharing photos, posts, offers?

As someone who has spent the majority of their life consuming social media, I have grown up first hand realizing the power, and for the last two years it has been using it to grow not only my own, but others business.

If growing your business with the power of Facebook is something you're interested in, we at Financial Leads Academy would love to explore if we could be a fit for you, and your business. Please feel free to book a call at the link below and let's explore your needs.

Help me with Facebook

Thanks for taking the time to read this - I hope it was able to provide you some value.

Here's to your success


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