• Oliver Grimard

Prospecting has changed!

You know the drill,

You bought (and most likely overpaid) for 20 ‘Guaranteed’ Leads this week (which were shared with who knows how many people by the way)…Only 5 of them have actually answered the phone,

You think to yourself "2 of them are going to meet with me, Hopefully I’ll close a deal and at least it will be *Almost* worth it."

I bet you feel like spending way too much money for unqualified leads, if they even pick up their phone!

You’ve tried it all…They use buzzwords like ‘Fresh Online Leads’, ‘Exclusive’, ‘Guaranteed’, ‘9-Step Qualified’, ‘Income Verified’..But, every time you get 20 or 30 leads sent through to you it’s a struggle to even get 4 of them to answer the phone..never mind come in for a meeting.

Did you really join a company or start a business to become a glorified 6-figure cold caller? Sure, these leads may have said they want HELP but they put their info into some random site & I will bet good money that they have NEVER heard of you before you call, So why would they ever pick up to you? If the person doesn’t know who you are before you call them, most of the call is going to be on actually selling them on who you are, never mind your service.. This is a huge wall to overcome and kills your conversion rates to appointments.

Which brings us to the some of the 4 biggest lead buying problems..

1. The person you’re calling has no idea who you are.

2. They came from a separate website completely unaffiliated with you. 

3. You have no idea of the actual process that the person went through to become a lead.

4. More often than not, these leads are being sold to several different people. 

It doesn’t matter whether they are direct mail leads or internet leads, you’re not ‘trying something new’ you’re doing the exact same thing which is buying leads and it will always have those same problems. 

So what can you do?

If you want to grow a consistent, successful, thriving business you need to solve the 4 problems with lead buying. 

1. We want the person we’re calling to know who *we* are before the call.

2. We want to be the person/company that GENERATE the lead, So they’re familiar with our company/us.

3. We want to know & understand the process a person went through before booking a call or giving us information.

4. We want to have exclusivity on the leads, only we get the call booked or the lead...not a plethora of other random people...

Most people don’t know how to put a system like this in place so they double down and spend more on leads or try seminars (similar problems), direct mail, networking events, rely on referrals, radio etc. 

You may be asking yourself "But where do you even begin to set something like this up?"

This is the exact system we have developed and perfected inside our business & for our client's solves all 4 problems extremely well. 

Everyday we are able to generate 10+ HIGH quality prospects into booked appointments who are familiar with what we do & who we are, they’re exclusive to us and when we call, they are ready for the call and know exactly who we are/why we’re calling and most importantly..ready to talk to YOU about solving their needs.

Sound too good to be true? Feel free to setup a time to chat for 15 min by clicking the link below. We'll give you a quick insight into how our system can help your business reach it's prospecting goals!

I want more clients!

Wishing you continued success and happy hunting!


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